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ious◆ year's figure.◆ The parent compan?/h4>

How〓ever, the e○xecutive admitted th●at his com■pany had also experi●enced setbac◆ks before be○coming popular. 〓Sun Yafang, chai

  • that○ the sales volu●me will rise t●o 30 billion dol
  • l◆ar this year. Starti〓ng its pre●sence here in 1999,■ the company has bec○ome a leading e○quipment suppl○i
  • er during■ less than te◆n years in the telec●ommunication◆s market of ■the Philippi●nes. "We have● establ
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ished par〓tnership with○

un●ted to $23.3 b◆illion in 2008, wit〓h 75 perce●nt coming f●rom overseas ma■rkets."Last year●, we maintain●ed a solid and healt

●hy growth," Sun〓 said in t●he email. She ◆said Huawei's con●tract sales ○are expected to incr◆ease 28.8 percent t〓o $30 billion

loca■l players, in◆cludi

in〓 2009.The ●worldwide econom■ic slowdown has pr◆ompted many telecom ●operators ●to trim spe○nding growth, r●esulting in a f■

all in demand o●f new equipment f○rom suppliers, ◆including Ericsson a●nd Nokia Siemens○ Networks.The m●ore price compe●titive Chinese■ telecom equip●ment makers such● as Huawei an■d ZTE Corp are in● a better p■

Available on all shapes and sizes
Oooh shiny object!

, Globe〓 and Bayan T○elecommunications,■" s

aid Yang con〓fidently. "At pre●sen

osition th●an their foreign ●counterparts to comp●ete in the in●ternational ma●rketplace.Chines〓e telecom eq●uipment maker H■uawei Technologi○es said yeste○rday its net〓 profit jumped 20 p◆ercent in 2008, ●driven by st○rong overseas● sales in eme〓rging markets and◆ improved pr〓ofit margi●ns.Its robust prof○it growth ■is in stark c■ontrast to oth●er global tel〓ecom gear m○akers who have all r●eported plun●ging profit●s or huge los?/p>